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Today I have something super fun for you! An interview with my adorable and very long time friend who runs Romance Manga Reviews over on Facebook. I love reading manga (actually I love reading full stop) but romance genres are one of my favourites as theres such a big variety of them.

So let’s have a chat with Romance Manga Reviews!

Q: Tell us a little about the person who runs Romance Manga reviews! 

A: My name is Kimmy I am a mummy and an arts and craft maniac and I love romance manga. Over the years I have read so many romance manga it felt natural to start my own page and write reviews. I wanted to share with others manga I have enjoyed, and give them ideas about what to read next, and for them to share with me their favourites. I love speaking to others who share in my passion and it makes me so happy to be able to do something I love so much.

Q: Why Romance manga specifically? 

A: Romance manga is my absolute favourite manga as love is just so wonderful. I love the rush and the thrill of romance and new love, the finding love and exploring feelings, experiencing difficulties while trying to make it work, the heart ache and heart break and the whole process of 2 people finding each other. There is nothing as powerful and exciting as love and when I am reading I feel happy and excited and embarrassed like I am a part of the story.

Q: Whats your favourite kinda of romance manga?

A: I adore a romance that starts embarrassing and shy with clumsy mistakes and misunderstandings, which develops and evolves as the characters learn about them selves and each other, a twist about a love rival or something which splits them apart or separates them for some reason, and then the process of growing and understanding others and either becoming a stronger couple or realising that their love is over and finding someone new to cherish because of what they have experienced.

Q: What’s your favourite manga?

A: Oh that’s such a hard question!! Ummmm well one of the first that set of my love affair with Manga was Fruits Basket, I usually reread this at least once a year and I still can not get enough of it. Another favourite of mine is Ao Haru Ride which is just lovely and sweet and sometimes drives you mad with frustration but it grips you and you can’t stop reading as you need to know what happens next. I could go on forever but I am trying to be really selective which is so hard but I think I will have to bring in Hirunaka no Ryuusei which is just gorgeous and heart breaking and wonderful, and a bit of a one side or the other manga as you will make a choice and if you read it you will completely understand what I mean by that.

Q: What would you recommend someone just starting out?

A: I would recommend starting with a nice shojou manga, perhaps a school life, with some comedy. I still shy away from some tragedy manga myself as I get so emotionally involved with the characters that it’s just a little too much for me. Definitely give the Ao Haru Ride a go and anything by the same mangaka and Hirunaka no Ryuusei and anything by that mangaka as well as they both specialise in school life, romance manga and are a perfect place to start in my opinion. Also if you like something a little more ummmm naughty Moe Kare! Is a good read which I became really emotionally invested in and laughed and cried along with it.

Q: Where’s the best place to read Romance Manga?

A: I read pretty much all my manga on manga fox and always pop a link in my reviews to the page where you can read it as well, the page is so great as you can bookmark manga you are reading or want to read and then you can sort them in your bookmarked section by when you added them or when they were last updated. It also shows you when you last stopped by so you can see if anything new has popped up and once you have finished them you can pop them in the complete section, or if they are on hold you can put them on hold ect it’s just great and very user friendly. But sometimes I use different sites like mangatown in case they get an update first as I can’t bare to wait.


Thank you to Kimmy for taking the time to go through this interview with me and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I’m definitely going to go and check out some of her recommendations, if you’d like to see what the lovely Kimmy recommends, you can check out her page below:

Do you have a favourite manga? What’s your favourite genre?
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