Birchbox August 2017: Mermaid Vibes


Birchbox is a monthly beauty box priced at £12.95 a month (That includes P&P). I’ve always been curious about Birchbox. From photos I’ve seen around the internet it’s always looked like a high quality beauty subscription and seemed to have a good selection of items included. The one thing that put me off, and it’s the same reason I cancelled some of the other subscription boxes I had, was that sometimes (or quite a lot of the time in past cases) you get items you don’t want or won’t use and end up binning or giving them away. I’ve been keeping an eye on Birchbox’s previous boxes and I’ve only spotted a couple of bits I wouldn’t use.

This month however, I got a little bit obsessed over the really colourful mermaid box they were sending! Fortunately for me I came across someone selling their box as they didn’t like the contents and were going to return it, so to save the middle man I bought it from them to try out!

If you’ve not received your box yet and don’t want to spoil it don’t hit the read more button!

First things first; I don’t know why but I expected the box to be bigger? I mean it makes sense that it’s not going to be huge, but I got the impression it was larger from photos I’d seen. I think I was rather hoping it’d be bigger as I had plans for it. The box was definitely very full with five items though! (Please note any RRPs given are for full sized items in the Birchbox shop not the sample sizes shown below, unless otherwise stated).

Looks at all of that! There’s 5 beauty items in the box.

At the bottom of the box was a ‘Happy August, Birchboxers!’ leaflet. This gave little bit of detail on the inspiration for this months box and talked about items that everyone would receive.

The inside of the leaflet has all the details, RRPs and how to’s for the items included in the box. I really like how bright and cheerful Birchbox’s design for the leaflet is. The layout is very clear and concise too.

Spectrum Collections A05 brush in Bomb Shell RRP from £59.99 a set.
This is a full sized brush, it’s in my favourite, FAVOURITE colours!  Spectrum’s logo is really awesome. I love the tone of gold used. The brush is a great size and very easy to hold and use.

The colours used for the brush end are bright and colourful too. I like how the colours go very well together. The bristles are really, really soft! I don’t think I’ve had a brush as nice as this for quite a long time. It was excellent at picking up powders and applying too.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady RRP £8
I’ve always been fascinated by eye shadow sticks. I normally use powder as I don’t like the feeling of cream eye shadow and I find it tends to go everywhere/crease. Birchbox says they’ve created this to last up to 11 hours with out creasing and it’s waterproof too!

I’ve not had the chance to wear this out yet but I did swatch it to test the colour – its really pretty, it’s a metallic bronze/brown colour. I don’t often wear brown which is why I’ve not worn it yet. The swatch on my hand stayed for ages though so I can see this lasting for the 11 hours quoted. Although this is a full sized item I did find it a bit short and hard to hold.

Number 4™ Sugar Texturising Spray RRP £20
This sample sized spray promises to give loose, shiny waves with out any crunch. Much like the salt sprays I’ve had before this didn’t do anything for my hair, even when put in curlers to aid the wave it did nothing. It also made my hair feel sticky? (I’m guessing due to the sugar?) It did smell really nice. I’ll have another try with this but it’s something I wouldn’t buy again.

Nuxe Hulie Prodigieuse® OR Multi-Useage Dry Oil Shimmer RRP from £20
This oil is amazing. Filled with a blend of six essential oils and vitamin E this Nuxe oil can be used on arms, legs, body or even in your hair! The other thing to note about this is its glittery! It’s such a pretty colour in the bottle too.

You can see how shimmery it is here (I wasn’t joking when I said the LOC eye shadow lasted…) The oil smells absolutely gorgeous as well, it’s very hard to describe but it reminds me a lot of some of the luxury beauty spas I’ve been visited. A little goes a very long way too (as I’ve just discovered having split a tiny bit and it’s now everywhere!)

Whish Renewing Mud Mask RRP £29
This is a sample of a exfoliating mask full of fruit enzymes to brighten and purify. Now, this is the one item in the box that worries me and I haven’t used and most likely won’t be. The leaflet says you need to patch test this for 10 seconds before using it. To actually use the mask you apply to clean skin and leave for 15 seconds for sensitive skin and no longer than 2 minutes for anyone else. What the heck is in this that makes it so strong that 15 seconds could be too long and it requires a patch test?! The back of the bottle says the Mud Mask is similar to a facial peel and may have the same effects, and may cause redness and warmth. It’s also worth noting the back of the bottle says everyone should start off at 15 seconds and work up to 2 minutes which is contradictory to the Birchbox leaflet. I don’t know about you but it’s going to take me longer than 15 seconds to apply this to my face, so I’d be going way over the allotted starter time. I know of a few other ladies who tried this and had a funny reaction to it. Quite frankly I don’t want to risk setting my skin off, it’s taken me quite a while to get it to behave itself and it doesn’t need any excuses to kick off so I won’t be using this.

All in all I’m pretty impressed with Birchbox. Out of the five items I had theres only one I won’t use and one that I’m not convinced by. I think there’s a tie for my favourite item in the box between the Spectrum brush and the Nuxe oil. Both of those are really lovely and I’d buy them again. For £12.95 (cheaper if you take out a multi box plan) it’s pretty good value.

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