Kawaii Shop | Mystery Kawaii & Candy haul unboxing

Blippo Kawaii shop is exactly what it sounds like, an on-line store selling a massive variety of kawaii merchandise with the added bonus of selling candy too with free basic shipping to the UK! If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, you’ll remember that one of the kawaii subscription boxes I used to get was from the same company.

Blippo have recently started selling Fukubukuro lucky bags for candy, stationary and kawaii items and so my Bestie and I decided to do a joint order for some, as we really wanted to know what was in them! We opted to buy one kawaii and one candy mystery bag together and share the contents of between us. Seeing as we were placing an order anyway we took the chance to order a few other things we’d wanted to try as well.

I paid extra for tracked shipping on the parcel, something I kinda wish I hadn’t bothered with as the tracking only went as far as the parcel leaving the origin country, it took it a very long time to update and the package seemed to sit in one place for ages. It was only a few pounds extra so it’s no biggie really. It took just over three weeks for this to arrive to the UK, I’m sure last time I ordered it didn’t take this long but I suspect it was just a busy period for the postal service. When the box arrived the first thing I noticed was how abused it had been by the various postal services. It’s been given a really good bashing and was rather squashed on top. I was a bit worried the contents might be damaged. I was also surprised, considering how much we’d ordered that the box looked pretty small.

Fortunately everything in the box was packed in well with added packing peanuts meaning that nothing was damaged. There’s not a lot of room in here for it to move about!

I’m pretty sure that the Blippo employee that packed this box is a Tetris mastermind! I have absolutely no idea how they got it all in that little box! Everything arrived perfectly, nothing was squashed or dented.

These are the extra snacks we treated ourselves to to try! Some of these we hadn’t seen before and it was fun to try them. I bought the Kumamon pocky for Mr Lock to try. The orange cigarettes reminded me a little of the candy ones you could buy when I was young. The Meiji petit assorted candy selection is always a favourite of mine (My bestie ordered these and I nabbed the one she didn’t like) I like how tiny and cute the boxes are.

Blippo Surprise Candy Bag: £13.07 

I think the same Tetris master packed this bag as well as once we’d pulled out all the candy we couldn’t get it back in the same bag again! For £13.07 (at 30/08/17 rates) the amount you get in the bag is exceptional value, it’s totally crammed.  The bag this came in is of an incredibly high quality. I was expecting a cheap plastic printed bag as I’ve had from other companies but this is a lovely, sturdy fabric printed bag. I’m really impressed with this as it’s something I’m going to use again and again. We received ten different items of candy in the fukubukuro bag. There was such a good selection here it was really difficult to divide up between us. The Sanrio strawberry chocolates are one of my favourites so I was really happy to see those.  There’s even one of the Kracie Poppin’ Cooking sets which I picked to try out as I’ve never used one before. I’d highly recommend this bag as it was such a great selection for the cost. I will definitely be ordering another one or two of these.

Blippo Kawaii Mixed Bag: £13.07

This bag was equally as well stuffed as the Candy surprise bag. It too was all contained in one of Blippo’s lovely draw string bags. I was pleased to see there was a great variety of items in this bag too. I was even more pleased when I spotted the Hello Kitty glasses! I’ve wanted a pair of these for quite awhile, they are so kawaii! I’d not got around to buying them yet as I wear glasses on a daily basis (I’m as blind as a bat!) and I don’t often wear contacts, but now that I have them in my possession I have no excuse not to wear them! Also in here we had some half pearl stickers, bunny face coin purse, watermelon coin purse, pink shell charm beaded bracelet, crepe phone charm, alpaca pass case, fruit hair clips, Pikachu mini purse/bag, pink chocolates comb/mirror, macaroon luggage tag, soda can fan, mini fillable spray bottle, squishy phone charm and a large plushie cat keyring. That’s 14 items in total, and again exceptional value as they are really high quality items. We definitely had a bit of trouble splitting it as everything was so cute. I think my favourite items in this bag were the Hello Kitty glasses, the Pikachu purse and the watermelon purse (I really love watermelons!)

We were both really pleased with our order. Blippo is a great place to shop from, it’s easy to order from and Customer Service are super responsive and helpful. (I contacted them about the parcel after the tracking went a bit odd). The only thing worth noting was that when we ordered quite a lot of the snacks we wanted were out of stock, which just goes to show how popular Blippo is as a store.

Blippo currently has a back to school sale on which I’m off to check out very soon! If you’d like to take a peep yourself you can find them by clicking the image below.

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