50 Shades of khaki – Or how I ruined my hair!

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Today’s story is a very long tale of woe, self-inflicted woe at that. I have spent many, many years doing various things to my hair including, but not limited to dreadlocks, weave-in extensions, micro-ring extensions, dying it half the colours under the sun and have never had a problem. I am careful, I research lots and I try and take good care of my hair. My most recent adventure was purple. I loved my purple hair but there was an issue. My hair grows at a ridiculous rate. It’s also very naturally very dark brown so I’d always have dark roots showing with-in a week of bleaching and dying. Because of these factors I was only getting a week or two max of my hair looking fab and bleaching it every other week just wasn’t an option because I like having hair and there was no doubt that it would be ending up in a pile on the floor if I did, even with the add-ins I’d used. There was also a cost factor, even though my hair was just below my shoulders I needed 3 tubs of dye each time. So with much reluctance I decided I should go back to my natural colour, or as close to it as I could to give my hair a well deserved break. Or, at least that was the plan. Continue reading →

Korean Cosmetics at TK Maxx + Mini Haul!

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you must know by now how much I adored Korean cosmetics! I love everything about them, from their cute designs, magical skin transforming properties, scents and varities. The only thing I don’t like about them is how hard it is to obtain ANYTHING in the United Kingdom, you can’t just pop into the nearest Superdrug or Boots and pick up a Tony Moly facemask. You’re either stuck ordering online or having to travel to somewhere like China Town in London, until now. TK Maxx has started to stock a massive range of Korean beauty products! I can’t tell you how fast I ran to the store nearest me when I discovered this, handily its also available online too. So far I have seen products from Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and Koelf Cosmetic. I’ve also seen a few other non-named brands for sale too. The one thing I would say is that there are a few brands being stocked that have been designed to look like the Korean brands but were actually made in the USA.

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Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Wonderball wand review

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I know what you’re thinking, two posts in one week?! Surprise! I’m hoping to get back to 3x a week, so get ready for more fun an adventure with me!

CoCo LoCo wonderball

Over the last 15 years, I have searched high and low for a curling wand that will deal with my hair; I hate to think how many different ones I have tried. For reference, I have longer than shoulder length hair – it’s quite thick, does whatever it likes, is pretty much poker straight and really requires a LOT of effort to get it to do anything remotely interesting. My previous, ancient Babyliss curling tongs are completely useless on it now which is why I was looking for a replacement in the first place and had been eyeing up the Wonderball. For starters, it looked awesome with its rose gold and pink colours, had added coconut oil in the wand and promised to give either curls or waves depending on whether you wrapped the hair around the balls or in the grooves – Ideal! I had already purchased the Lee Stafford CoCo Loco Blow and Go Nuts hair dryer and a few other products from the CoCo LoCo range and had already been impressed, so when I was offered the opportunity to review theses for a fair and unbiased review I jumped at the chance.

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IKON HAIR REVIEW – Earley – ~*~Positive!~*~

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Hair is a very personal thing. You always want it to look it’s best, and the wrong hair cut can mean disaster (unless you own a variety of awesome hats!) I’ve had some very bad hair cuts in the past and even a few there were completely opposite to what I wanted (take the time when I asked for a scene cut, and for it to be dyed pillar box red – I left almost 4 hours later with dark red perfectly straight, one length all round!!). There’s now only one person I trust to cut my hair, and that’s Kay from Ikon Hair!

I met Kay almost two years ago when I was looking for a bridal hair dressers that wasn’t going to charge me £300 just to do my hair, I wasn’t asking for anything too complicated (I think, but saying that I did have long hair that reached the small of my back, and it’s quite thick too) But I contacted Ikon and sent them a picture of what I was asking for and they came back with a price and asked if I could pop in!) From there it was pretty much history! Kay did a wonderful job of my hair for the wedding, so much so that I went back a few days later to get it cut shorter. I really do love Kay, and one of the things that I like best is that she LISTENS to what I ask for! She also chats to me whilst styling my hair! I can’t stress enough, how good this is, every other place I’ve been always makes it seem like a massive inconvenience that I’m there and I end up sitting in silence for an hour! Ikon always makes me feel welcome.

So here’s a quick before and after my last visit to Ikon! My hair always looks so pretty and feels really soft! I’d highly recommend Ikon to anyway in the Wokingham/Earley/Woodley/Reading area! It’s definitely worth a trip!

You can check out their website below which has a price list and a handy online booking system to boot!

YouBeauty – Discovery box – September

Hello Lovelies,
Today’s post is a review on the YouBeauty discovery box (YouBeauty Discovery). I’ve seen a few of these beauty boxes floating about recently, the general idea is you can pick one or two items that you’d like to try and you get a few mystery ones too. There was an offer floating about to try this months box for free so I thought I’d give it ago – the normal cost is £6.95 a month which I think is a pretty good deal! It’s really simple to order and choose what items you’d like to try, because of the free trial offer a lot of the items were out of stock but I still managed to find some that’d I’d like to try. I think this was dispatched about 4 days after I placed the order and it was delivered via Myhermes in a little plastic packet. I have to admit when it arrived the size of it made me think it was just going to be full of those little sachets you get inside magazines, but I was happily wrong!
This is what I found when I unwrapped the package – it’s quite a sturdy little box and definitely would be re-useable.

Inside was a little booklet, full of offers and descriptions of the included products.

Under the booklet was the first of my chosen items – Eyeko London hydrogel eye patches. I used to buy Eyeko Beauty products when they first came out and everything had a Manga twist to it, and thought I’d like to try some more of their products. These patches are for reducing puffiness, bags and de-stressing and I’m looking forward to trying them!


Some Crabtree and Evelyn tea bags – These smell lovely, I didn’t realise that C&E made tea as well as beauty products.

A make-up sponge! These are always super useful, this one is quite nice and smoothly applies makeup.

Mavadry – This was the second of my chosen products, this dries any nail polish in 60 seconds! Perfect for me as I’m such a fidgit and always manage to smudge the polish before it’s set.


This was the last of the mystery products, Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Pumping Whip. I’m really pleased with it, My hair is quite short at the moment and this gives some great lift, it’s very easy to use as well.

It’s a very odd texture, it’s almost like a dense foam? It smells quite lovely too. It doesn’t seem to make my hair heavy or sticky either and I think I’d also buy this again once it runs out.

Stuck in the bottom of the box was another offer for a food service, I’m not sure that’s its something I’d use but it was an interesting concept.
I’m really impressed by this box and for £6.95 a month I think that’s a pretty good deal. I had originally intended to just get one box but might wait and see what’s in the next one before cancelling. I do like to try new beauty products and this seems a very good way to try them out with out investing a lot of money.
Ta-ta for now