Pastel Panda Wonderland

I’ve got some exciting news, there’s a brand new UK based kawaii store called Pastel Panda Wonderland! UK based kawaii stores are always good news! Today I’m bringing you a fun interview with the owner of Pastel Panda Wonderland and a cute little review of some very lovely items she sent.

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Romance Manga Reviews

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have something super fun for you! An interview with my adorable and very long time friend who runs Romance Manga Reviews over on Facebook. I love reading manga (actually I love reading full stop) but romance genres are one of my favourites as theres such a big variety of them.

So let’s have a chat with Romance Manga Reviews!

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An Interview with Fuzzballs

Hello Lovelies!


I hope everyone is well? It’s been awhile since we’ve had an interview with a UK based kawaii company, and during MCM Comicon I was lucky enough to meet up with the lovely owner of Fuzzballs who very kindly agreed to do a fun interview with me all about one of the UK’s most kawaii brands!

Check out our questions and answers below:

Q: Tell us about Fuzzballs!

A: Fuzzballs, well the Fuzzballs is a really popular comic on Tumblr – – which has loads of cute little animations featuring the Fuzzballs characters. There’s Fuzzcat Whisky who likes to cosplay, Fuzztiger Timmy who is a little silly and Fuzzbunny Ollie who just loves cookies. They’re joined by a whole host of friends too! It’s super adorable and now we also sell a wide range of Fuzzballs merch ranging from Shirts and Necklaces to prints and cards.


Q: Why did you start Fuzzballs and what inspires you when creating your designs?

A: Fuzzballs started in 2013 as these little tumblr animations and since then it’s grown into this huge thing. I’d always had this idea in my head to draw these cute simple little animals just bursting with happyness but it took many years before I actually went and did it. Originally I had an idea for a tiger but I actually drew a bunny first as I owned rabbits at the time and from there I went back to a tiger, a cat and ever since then have been adding new characters to the Fuzzballs family. It’s mostly my own pets that inspire me with their ‘wacky’ antics but from time to time theres other animals (as I sadly don’t own a tiger) that inspire me for their own little stories.


Q: What your stores top selling item(s)?

A: This is a tough one to answer, it’d probably be easier to answer what is not a top seller as so many of the designs are so popular. It constantly changes, one week it’s our ‘Will Work For Treats’ shirt that is the most popular but then that’ll quickly change to our ‘Eat Cookies’ shirt. I’m always releasing new designs based off the animtions like the brand new ‘Meowgical’ shirt and they always become big sellers instantly as we have some amazing fans out there. But even the small stuff like our Necklaces, prints and badges do exceptionally well. We even recently launched a range of Fuzzballs Birthday and Holiday cards which took off in such a huge way I never imagined they would which is amazing. I think because the range is so varied but is all tied together with a unique Fuzzballs theme there is something for everyone.

When we do shows like MCM Comic Con in the UK the amount of new fans that come over and just can’t decide which one to get is just incredible and sometimes they just have to bite the bullet and buy a couple of different items because there is so much cuteness to choose from.


Q: What do you think will be popular in the upcoming months? (You mentioned Alpacasso were no longer the in thing!)

A: In the geek world? It’s a tough one, fat cats and hamsters are really in at the moment and obviously Marvel will keep hitting it out of the park. For Fuzzballs, I really don’t know, but we will just keep doing what we are doing without worrying what may be popular and hoping everyone enjoys what we do.


Q: Where do you see Fuzzballs in the foreseeable future?

A: Fuzzballs gets bigger and bigger every week, it’s really tough for us to keep up with everything going on. As mentioned we launched a brand new shirt and cards this past week, theres already loads more shirt designs including some all over shirts in the planning stages. We’re working on a range of Fuzzballs leggings which already look super awesome and we’re always thinking what else would someone want a Fuzzballs on. We’re also having some interesting talks with a few different people which could lead to some very exciting news in the future. On top of that is keeping up with the animations so as you can see it’s very busy for Fuzzballs and we couldn’t do this without the support of our fans.


Q: Where we can find you and what upcoming events will you be at?

A: Deep breath! You can find us on our brand new website at where you’ll find our huge Fuzzballs store that ships worldwide and is your one stop shop for Fuzzballs comics, goodies and more. You can also follow just the comics on Tumblr at

Twitter –

Facebook –

Instagram –

We’ll also be at the London Anime & Gaming Con 2nd-3rd of July 2016, Hyper Japan in London 15-17th July 2016 and no doubt we’ll be at MCM Comic Con Birmingham and London as well as Hyper Japan again later on in the year. Phew.

We love seeing and chatting to all our fans, so if you see us at a show come and say hi, or feel free to message us on those social media thingies! Don’t forget to share with your friends too, you may just make their day!

I want to say thank you to Fuzzballs for taking the time to answer all my questions! I really enjoyed finding out all about The Fuzzballs – I have to say I think Ollie and Whisky are my absolute favourites, but they are all so cute! Please be sure to check them out on the links above or say Hi at their next convention appearance – they have some absolutely adorable items for sale!

Want me to interview your favourite kawaii store? Have something you’d like me to ask? Just let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do!

Ta-ta for now,

Becky Heart


An interview with Chiichanny!

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a very special interview for you! I think by now that you’ve seen my gorgeous little Becky logo up in the banner – the gorgeous Chiichanny created her for me on commission! Chiichanny has agreed to a fun little interview with myself so you can learn more about her and her beautiful art!


Q: Your artist name is Chiichanny – who is behind Chiichanny and what made you pick the name, tell us a bit about yourself?
HEYA! yep im known as Chiichanny, but the lady behind the alias is Jade Love ::waves::
My name is a small but I guess kinda funny story, the first anime I ever fully watched from start to end was Chobits and I completely adored it, with Chii being my favourite character, when I finally got to the online world, I tried to join a forum and chii/chii-chan and all the sorts were taken, so I remixed it and decided to go with Chiichanny all as one word and it just kinda stuck from there haha. I think if I could go back in time and pick another name for my artist alias I probably would have, but after having the name for about 10 years, I just felt that it was too late to change my Alias now when many people out there DO know me as chiichanny, so yeah. As for more about me, I’m Female, live in the UK and I’m currently 24, my star sign is a scorpio and zodiac is a Horse… I’M A SCORPION HORSE a Horpio

Q: How long have you been an artist? What made you decide to share your beautiful art with the world?

Since I could hold a pen, scribble on walls, floors, anywhere haha. I didnt start taking it seriously til I was about 13 and I just knew that art was my passion and something I really loved doing, so I tried to keep taking it to the next level, when I was 14 I started going on art forums and such and I just kept going from there! I joined Deviantart about 8/9 years ago to share my work around, at the time I just wanted others to see, what is the point of doing anything if no one will ever know about it? ^^

Q: What inspires you?

Anything and Everything, I get inspired at random, ideas will just appear from the most random things and I’ll want to draw it. It can be a puddle, a cloud, some rubbish or I’ll just randomly think of something, its hard question to answer for me because its never consistent!

Q: What is your favourite medium to work with?

Although I love digital, I love Paint, pencils and markers for my traditional work.

Q: How do you think your art style has changed over the last few years?
Well when I first started I was drawing realism because at schools and such this is what they taught you, when I discovered video games and anime, my work progressed, I was drawing characters from the shows and when I got older I was confident enough to make my own characters, since then I’ve been evolving my work to reflect myself, my feelings and who I am inside.

Q: What would you like to achieve in the future?

I’d love to make a living out of my work, sell at conventions, online, and such. I want to make comic books, have a business with lots of hand made dolls to sell and then human clothes, accessories and more!

Q: It takes a lot of work to start a company, with Amare Dolls/Chiichanny what so far as been the most straight forward thing and what has been more complicated?

Gosh it is! for Amare Dolls, the most straight forward thing was designing the doll itself and then next to that is making it, that was the easiest part! The hardest part is the casting process, I had so many problems, like bubbles, leaking moulds, pimples, specs… I almost gave up at one point, but with help I finally got there! For my Art work, the idea is the easiest part, I have so many idea, the problem is making sure they are right and come across correctly once I’m drawing it, thats the hard part ^^

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of artwork by yourself?

I have two actually!

The first is the Huntress and the second is Butterfly Decay, even though I haven’t finished Butterfly decay yet, I just like it!

Q: Where would you like to be in a years time?

Hmmmmmm I’d like to have my comic done, and I’d like to be earning at least part time minimum wage from my art and dolls by that point also haha. And have a years supply of Arizona Green Tea with Honey … I’m addicted to it atm…

Q: If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

If I could have any part time paid job that I could just do whenever, I’d love to be a food and event critique, because I think I’d enjoy that in a wierd way XD

And just for fun!

Q: If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

If I could have any part time paid job that I could just do whenever, I’d love to be a food and event critique, because I think I’d enjoy that in a wierd way XD

Q: Do you have a favourite character/TV Show?

I HAVE TOO MANY! Y U do this!Ok, its list time!The Walking Dead – ALL HAIL RICK
Breaking Bad
Steven Universe
Spongebob Squarepants
as for characters:
Kasumi from Dead or Alive
Amethyst and Garnet from Steven Universe
Chii from Chobits
Yuna, Fran, Vincent Valentine, Shantoto, Cait Sith, SUMMONS and Tonberries – Final Fantasy X/XI/VII/XII
Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Data – Star Trek The Next Generation
This list could go on for a while….

So there we go! I personally love, love Chiichanny’s art and I want to share it with the world!

To check out more of Chiichanny’s art you can check out her Facebook page which contains links to Amare dolls and her webstore!

Ta-ta for now!