Let there be coffee!! (Or, what happens when your kettle pushes you too far!)

I’m pretty sure at this point in time, my blood is 90% coffee. I think I’d give Voyager’s Captain Janeway a good run for her money on my love of coffee. So, my dear readers, imagine my face when I came downstairs to make coffee on a very grey Saturday morning, only to discover that the black inner of the kettle was coming off? After debating whether it was worth poisoning myself with whatever was going on with the kettle, and deciding it really wasn’t worth it and Costa was just down the road, it was time to buy a new kettle!

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Adventures with Joyful Journey’s Coast

Hey-ho Lovelies!

Something a bit different today! Mr Lock, Harry and I have just returned from a week of adventuring around Cornwall with our new friend, Coast!

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