Craft how to: Making a tassel

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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a craft tutorial so today I’m going to show you how to make a tassel. These can be used for pretty much anything, scarves, bag charms even hair for plushies, and they are pretty easy to make too. To start with you’ll need some wool and a pair of scissors. You might want something to make a note of how many wraps you do as well.

You’ll need to cut two lengths of wool roughly 10cm long – or longer if you don’t mind trimming them down later. (It is easier to use longer lengths if you don’t like fiddly things!!). Set them aside.

Take the end of the wool from the ball and lay over the palm of your hand as above.

Wrap around your palm – don’t do this tightly else you’ll have issues with the next step! Depending how thick you want your tassel will depend on how many wraps you do, the above is 15 wraps of my palm.

Carefully slide the wool off your hand keeping the loops in shape. Take one of the lengths of wool you cut earlier and put through the middle of the loops.

Tie securely with a double knot at the top.

Lay the loops over the other length of wool you cut, roughly 1cm from the top of the knot. You can of course make the head as little or as large as you like so adjust this if need be.

Tightly tie another double knot securely. You can see it’s almost starting to look like a tassel now! Let the ends from the head knot hang down to the bottom of the tassel – it will blend in with he rest of the wool. Keep the two ends from the very top separate, you can use these to attach the tassel to your project.

Slide in the scissors into the bottom of the loops making sure they are roughly in the middle of the wool strands – this will help with getting the ends even. Cut through the loops.

You should have something that looks like the above! Trim any ends that aren’t quite the right length (most likely the ones that are on the head knot).

Finished! One fancy looking tassel ready to go on your project!

These are pretty simple to make once you get the hang of the wrapping and knotting, thought they can be a little time consuming. They can be used to make just about anything. I find they look great on the ends of scarves or even on keyring loops for bag charms – I bet they’d super cute in rainbow wool!

Are there any tutorials you’d like to see? I’m very happy to take requests! Please let me know in the comments below.

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