50 Shades of khaki – Or how I ruined my hair!

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s story is a very long tale of woe, self-inflicted woe at that. I have spent many, many years doing various things to my hair including, but not limited to dreadlocks, weave-in extensions, micro-ring extensions, dying it half the colours under the sun and have never had a problem. I am careful, I research lots and I try and take good care of my hair. My most recent adventure was purple. I loved my purple hair but there was an issue. My hair grows at a ridiculous rate. It’s also very naturally very dark brown so I’d always have dark roots showing with-in a week of bleaching and dying. Because of these factors I was only getting a week or two max of my hair looking fab and bleaching it every other week just wasn’t an option because I like having hair and there was no doubt that it would be ending up in a pile on the floor if I did, even with the add-ins I’d used. There was also a cost factor, even though my hair was just below my shoulders I needed 3 tubs of dye each time. So with much reluctance I decided I should go back to my natural colour, or as close to it as I could to give my hair a well deserved break. Or, at least that was the plan.

Having managed to get most of the colour out of my hair using anti-dandruff shampoo (it’s great for fading colour!) I did my research before deciding on a shade of brown. I needed something that was near to my natural colour, was dark enough to cover any left over colour. and as my hair had been bleached before I needed something with a red base to counteract the colour. I picked out a colour of dye and did a strand test. I was very careful to make sure I had a bit of every colour/bleached hair, and it went a perfect warm brown colour and the condition seemed fine. Fantastic I thought, this will turn out great! And with Mr Lock out of the house for the afternoon I popped on the dye, all looked great, and went and did some dusting (exciting, I know!) whilst it developed. After 30 minutes I went back into the bathroom to wash the dye off, and caught site of my head in the mirror. ‘This, doesn’t look good… Okay, don’t panic, wash it off and see what’s happened, it’s probably just were its developed.’

Nope. It went green. Every shade of green under the sun. I’m not going to lie, I had a complete fit and messaged my husband in a panic. I hate, hate HATE green on me and this was just so, so wrong, not to mention it was starting to look very straw like. My inner self was running around screaming. My outer self was desperately searching the internet/facebook groups to see what I could do to fix the mess before Monday morning when work started. Someone suggested tomato ketchup, I tried it, I was that desperate – it didn’t work, and it smelt awful (I don’t think I can ever look at ketchup the same way again).

I tried doing a strand in a directions red I had sitting about which sort of worked but looked odd and there was no way there was enough left in the tub to do my whole head. It was suggested I could probably get a red box dye and re-do my hair the next day but there was also worry that this might entirely finish it off as it looked so dry and unhappy.

Even Totoro is shocked at this mess.

Sunday morning I bought two boxes of red dye to go over it, I did a strand test over the green and left it to develop. When I came to wash it off there was HOPE! IT WASN’T GREEN! In fact it was a lovely shade of red but, and here’s the BUT… the strands of hair were breaking when I ran my nails down them. It was too much, if I put the red on it would probably finish off my hair and I’d be rocking a buzz cut for the next few months. I gave in, it was too risky and I needed help, from the professionals, professional treatments and went to see my lovely hairdress Kay at Ikon.

I have known Kay for years, she did my hair for my wedding and cut half of it off for me the week after before we went on honeymoon! Kay is one of the very select few who I trust to be anywhere near my hair. I popped in the salon quite sheepishly on the Tuesday having been told off in another salon years ago for using box dyes, but I needn’t of worried, Kay was nothing but lovely, we went through colours and what we needed to do and whether I wanted it cut or not. I booked in an appointment for the Friday so that I had enough time for a patch test to develop and spent the rest of the week with my lovely, bushy, 50 shades hair. Friday couldn’t come quick enough, it’s surprising how miserable my hair made me. I didn’t feel like dressing nicely or making an effort – what was the point? I couldn’t see past the green! I didn’t think something like that would affect me so.

Friday rolled around and I was out the door and in the salon just before 10:00am! I was far too excited! No more green!

First things first, Kay chopped a bunch of hair off – there was no point dying all of the hair that was coming off anyway. I’d picked out a new hair cut for myself which would rid me of lots over processed hair.

Next came the red pre-pigment, this would counteract the beautiful shades of green. It was already looking better after this! No more green!

Then the red colour! Because the ends of my hair are now so porous from the bleach it took two applications at the ends for it to take the final colour. The very talented Kay then cut and finished my hair for me. All in all I was in the salon for around 3 hours.

Tah-dah! New me! I’ve not been this happy in ages, it looks amazing! I am so, so thankful to Kay for fixing my mess. I’d highly recommend Ikon for all your hair dressing needs – all of the staff are so friendly and lovely. They offer so many services and even have Olaplex and Innolux now! You can check our and book appointments online on Ikon’s website to which is really very handy.

So, things I’ve learned from this escapade?

  1. I’m 99% sure I’ll never try dying my own hair again, it’s just not worth the risk – this little episode has cost me a small fortune and if I’d just gone to the Ikon in the first place I wouldn’t have wasted £40 on home dyes and treatments.
  2. Almost ruining my hair really upset me. I’m surprised at how much it did.
  3. I missed being a red head. I’d been red for several years up until the summer after I got married. I know red fades quicker than most other colours but it’s really a fun colour and I think it suits me.
  4. Kay from Ikon is an absolute star. She has my eternal gratitude!

So there you go, an essay on how I ruined and then fixed my hair! Lessons learned here people! Have you ever had a hair disaster? Let me know in the comments below!

Ta-ta for now,

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