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Today I’m bringing you a review of the amazing online eyeglasses store !

The lovely Laura from the store recently contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working with them – I wear glasses on a daily basis (I can’t actually see the top letter on an eye chart with out them!) So this was something I was very interested in; especially as I usually buy my glasses on-line as most high-street chains don’t have a great collection or are very, very expensive. Laura said to pick out any of the glasses frames or sunglasses that I liked and they would make them up with my prescription and send them out to me.

I found it quite hard to choose just one pair of glasses from the store! They have so many different ones to choose from! I spent quite a long time choosing my favourite pair but in the end I picked out the Bishop Aviator prescription sunglasses as I fell in love with these and they are something I rather need for the summer. I emailed over my choice to Laura at and she replied saying my glasses should be here in 10-15 working days.

Twelve days later the above package arrived! I’m so impressed with how quickly these arrived, considering these came from abroad, it didn’t take much longer than some of the UK places I have used before. The packaging was extremely robust and sturdy as well so the glasses were well protected.

Inside the package I found a slimline glasses case and a voucher for 25% off my next order. I like this style of glasses case as it takes up very little room in my bag, meaning I can take these glasses out and about with me, but its still made of a very hard plastic so I don’t need to worry about it breaking.

Check out these beauties!!! I am so happy with my choice! I am absolutely loving the mirror coating on these, they are just perfect! The colour varies slightly in different lights but it’s such an amazing shade of blue! also included a really high quality cleaning cloth as well which works fantastically.

The fit on these is great too, gives all the measurements of the glasses on-line so you can work out whether they will fit you properly. The prescription in these is PERFECT! There’s literally no variation when I swap between these and my standard glasses, which is something I found with a few of my other pairs. I thought they were quite lightweight for metal-framed glasses too which is also a good thing for long term wear.

Do you see what I mean about the colour? It’s amazing! I am absolutely in love with these cute sun glasses and wouldn’t hesitate to order again from – Their service is extremely quick and everything on their site is great value! I will definitely, definitely be buying more glasses from them in future, this order went perfectly.

The fantastic people over at have also given me a discount code for my lovelies readers! If you’d like to order your very own glasses, frames or sunglasses you can use the code below to get 50% off your order! (Please note: the discount code is not valid on anything in the sale)


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