Adventures with Joyful Journey’s Coast

Hey-ho Lovelies!

Something a bit different today! Mr Lock, Harry and I have just returned from a week of adventuring around Cornwall with our new friend, Coast!

This year saw Mr Lock and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! (Where did the time go?) We decided that to celebrate we should take a holiday somewhere with Harry. Thus began our hunt of nightmares to find somewhere to stay that was dog friendly. After many, many, MANY hours of looking for a holiday cottage to rent we discovered it was almost impossible to find somewhere that really was truly dog friendly. More than one place had hidden T&C’s about dogs only being allowed in the lobby or kitchen and no where else, which isn’t what we wanted, or had massive fees per night. It was a stroke of luck when Mr Lock found Joyful Journeys!

Joyful Journeys is a family run VW Camper rental company based in Wokingham, Berkshire. They have a choice of two vans to hire, Coast and Ember; and are dog friendly at no extra cost! I seriously wasn’t expecting this after all the shenanigans with the holiday cottages, but the guys at Joyful Journeys know that dogs make the best adventuring companions! I sent in an email asking about hiring Coast for our dates and to double check they were fine with us bringing Harry. Hayley replied very quickly with the information I needed/needed to provide to Joyful Journey and a confirmation that Coast was available for when we wanted to hire. We sent over our proof of ID/drivers licences, paid for our booking, arranged when we needed to send over the security deposit and all was sorted!

We’d arranged to pick up Coast at 10:00am. Pick up went super smoothly; Hayley showed us around Coast and explained the alarm system, pop up roof, gas/electric and anything else we might need to know. She’d also provided a handy guidebook for Coast in case we needed to check anything. Hayley had also stocked Coast with a large bottle of water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and milk to get us started! This was really appreciated as it meant we could make a coffee when we arrived on site with out having to go find a shop straight away. Coast was fully stocked with pots, pans, tea towels and cutlery, anything you might need really! The van is also supplied with a full tank of fuel which is massively handy.

Check out these beautifully customised cookies! These are so cute! I just love how detailed Ember and Coast both are on these, and they were really delicious as well.

Even Harry got his very own pack of biscuits, this was seriously so sweet and so unexpected.

Coast is a 2008 Brazilian 1.4l Water Cooled VW Camper with direct drive steering. As most of you know I’ve driven many different vehicles in my driving lifetime (car and motorbike wise anyhoo) and I’ve got to say, Coast has been one of my favourite things to drive, I adore big cars and big bikes. I love how high up you are and how easy he is to drive! I especially love Coast’s custom retro steering wheel.

Coast’s also fully equipped with a great stereo system with bluetooth capability which is very useful for using GPS/playing music.

Harry found riding in Coast easy too, he had enough room to sit/stand and lay down whilst on the move which is pretty important when travelling with dogs.

Coast navigated all the roads down to the Blue Hills campsite in Cornwall easily. Setting up and moving about were simple too. When we were on site we popped up the roof to give us a bit more height – At 5’8 I am just a little too tall to stand upright with the roof down. When we went out we put it back down again.

Mr Lock found cooking in Coast super easy. This was one of many delicious breakfasts.


Set up at nighttime was very straight forward as well, Coast came with his very own set of van eyes for extra privacy at night.(Seriously, how cute are these?!) They were very easy to put on and take off and folded away neatly into their own little bag. The bed was also very simple to set up and still left Harry plenty of room on the floor to sleep.

Mornings were just as straight forward as evenings, pop the sheet off the mattress and pull the bed back up to get the seat back in place. I love how everything is so straight forward and easy to do. There’s really quite a lot of room in these VW vans.

Harry loved his first holiday! I think he was a bit confused by Coast to start with but by the end he realised this was our home away from home. The above was taken just after we’d returned from a 17km costal walk and Harry was very happy to see Coast!

Driving home with Coast was just as easy as the drive down. We made sure we had enough time to stop back home to empty out our belongings and ensure Coast was nice and tidy for his return to Joyful Journeys. We filled up the tank on the way and dropped him back home, Hayley contacted me later that day to arrange the return of the security deposit.

We had a really great time with Coast and I’d definitely do this again. We loved our camper van adventure and Joyful Journey’s made it very easy and straightforward to book which took a lot of the stress out of sorting our holiday. I’d highly recommend them and would book with them again in future, they’d seriously thought of everything you might need, from First Aid kits, to umbrellas to games.

If you’d like to check out your very own Joyful Journey adventure, you can find them here:

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