50 Shades of khaki – Or how I ruined my hair!

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Today’s story is a very long tale of woe, self-inflicted woe at that. I have spent many, many years doing various things to my hair including, but not limited to dreadlocks, weave-in extensions, micro-ring extensions, dying it half the colours under the sun and have never had a problem. I am careful, I research lots and I try and take good care of my hair. My most recent adventure was purple. I loved my purple hair but there was an issue. My hair grows at a ridiculous rate. It’s also very naturally very dark brown so I’d always have dark roots showing with-in a week of bleaching and dying. Because of these factors I was only getting a week or two max of my hair looking fab and bleaching it every other week just wasn’t an option because I like having hair and there was no doubt that it would be ending up in a pile on the floor if I did, even with the add-ins I’d used. There was also a cost factor, even though my hair was just below my shoulders I needed 3 tubs of dye each time. So with much reluctance I decided I should go back to my natural colour, or as close to it as I could to give my hair a well deserved break. Or, at least that was the plan. Continue reading →

Blippo review ~*~Positive~*~

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I hope you’re all doing well? Today I thought I’d share with you a recent shop with the Kawaii Blippo Store! Blippo recently had a sale on and I’d been eyeing up a couple of bits on there for awhile and it seemed rude not to whilst they on sale! The website is super easy to use, it works pretty much like any other shopping website. There are several ways to pay and shipping the the UK is free! I paid £1.40 extra for a tracking number because I like to be able to see where things are! I thought this was very reasonable considering it was shipped from Hong Kong.

blippo parcel blippo parcel damage

I placed my order on the 10/03 and it was dispatched the next day – that’s super efficent service! The parcel arrived to me on 22/03 which I thought was pretty quick. At some point during it’s round the world journey the box was damaged but it seems to have held up pretty well – I did note that the my house number was only just visible on the shipping label, but it still got here fine, so no harm done.

blippo packaging

Here’s my order along with some packing peanuts to keep everything safe and sound. Everything fitted into the box neatly so there wasn’t much room for things to move about.

blippo kawaii order

And here’s my order! Everything is so cute! This package seriously made me smile as everything was so perfect and exactly what I ordered.

yaokin takoyaki stick

I ordered a couple of my favourite Yaokin Takoyaki Snack Sticks as they were on a huge discount – when they arrived they were a couple of weeks after their best before date which I hadn’t realised at the time of purchase, but it made no difference as they tasted exactly the same as they do normally.

puccho mango candy

Puccho Chewy Candy –  another of my favourites! These are really fruity and chewy – if your looking for a light candy and like mango I’d highly recommend this.

meji gummy sushi candy

Meiji Gummy Sushi candy – I hadn’t tried these before and they looked like they’d be super fun.

meji gummy sushi

I wasn’t disappointed! These are kawaii little gummies you pop out to assemble into your own sushi candies – each of the candies has a different flavour so you can mix and match to make different flavour combos – they were quite fruity and pretty sweet.

alpaca keyring

Kawaii Alpaca keyring – my Sailor Moon Holy Grail keyring recently broke (*sob*) so I needed a new keyring to have any kind of chance of finding my keys in my handbag. I picked up these little cuties in the Blippo sale – They are really well made of a quite heavy metal and have very vibrant colours! They also appeal to my love of alpacas so I’m really pleased with these little lovelies.

alpaca key fob

Alpaca key strap – Following on from he keyring I picked up this one to go on my house keys – this one is super handy as you can clip it on to bags, loop it on to straps or onto other keys – again it makes it easier to find things in my bag. Like the keyring this is made from a nice metal and the colour is really pretty.

alpaca card holder

Alpaca card holder – I bought this for my work door card, I”d been looking for something smaller to keep my card in as I normally keep in my purse, but lugging that about every time I leave the room is annoying so the is ideal. It’s made of a shiny pic with a cute little alpaca charm to mach my new keyring, and it’s the perfect size to fit into a pocket too, and has a handy strap for when you have no pockets! I really adore the contrasting colours and little ears on this – it’s also been very well made.

alice stickers

Alice stickers – I bought these on a whim as I thought they were cute and they were also really cheap. I love stickers and these arrived in a little cardboard packet.

alice stickers 2

Stickers! These are so kawaii – there’s lots of different ones and a couple of different sizes, I’m sure I’ll find something to decorate with these as they are so vibrant and fun.

I’m super impressed with Blippo – this was the first order I’ve ever placed with them and it went perfectly. I felt the stores prices were good value and the free shipping is fantastic. I’m so pleased with them and the stores variety that I’ll be placing another order in the very near future!

Want to check out Blippo for yourself? You can find them on the link below:


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Lets make Rock Cakes!

Hello Lovelies!

Rock Cakes

Today lets try out making a childhood favourite – Rock cakes – My Mum used to makes these for us when we were little – one of my sisters didn’t like raisins so they were normally admitted from the cakes. Oddly I’ve never tried making them myself so gave it a go last weekend – these are super easy to make with cupboard staples so why not have a go yourself? They’d even make a great mothers day present!

Rock cake ingredients

To make 12 rock cakes you’ll need:

225g Self Raising Flour
113g Butter
113g Caster Sugar + 1tbs for dusting
1 Egg
2tbs Milk
1tsp Vanilla Extract

Flour and butter

Pre-heat your oven to 180c. Place the flour and butter to a bowl.

Rock cake crumbs

Rub together using your hands or smooth with the back of a fork until you get something that looks like bread crumbs.

crumbs with sugar
Add in the sugar to the crumbs.


Crack the egg into a bowl and add the vanilla extract.

Whisked egg and vanilla

Beat the egg and mix in the vanilla.

Crumbs egg sugar milk

Pour the egg and milk in with the dry ingredients and mix up until you have something that looks like a stiff cake batter.

Rock cake batter

It should look like this! If you find your is too dry add a little more milk, if its too wet add a little more flour to balance it out.

Rock cakes uncooked

On a baking sheet lined with grease proof paper, use two spoons to put 12 dollops of batter onto the sheet – try and leave enough room for the cakes to rise and spread else you may end up with a giant cake!

Rock cake sprinkled sugar

Sprinkle with the 2tbs of sugar and popped into the pre-heated over for 15-20 minutes – you should check on the cakes around 15 minutes. If they look sold and have turned a golden brown colour as in the picture below, then they are done!

Rock cakes cooked

Once cooked remove from the tray and try to resist eating them before they’ve cooled on a wire rack.

And that’s it! These are so super easy to make that anyone could do them – they make great snacks for lunch boxes or afternoon tea and you can experiment with them by adding different dried fruits or flavouring too them. I’d love to hear what you come up with if you try these out.

Ta-ta for now,

Nice Nails Baby ~ Walking on air pedicure! ~*~SPONSORED REVIEW~*~

Hello Lovelies!
Today I have an exciting review for you! The lovely Michelle from Nice Nails Baby invited me to come and try out her ‘Walking on air pedicure’.
‘Nice Nails Baby is an exquisite nail salon located in London’s Clapham Junction. 
Our salon provides the affordable luxury of fabulous nails without the drama of using the electrical nail file in a small chic lively atmosphere. We have created the perfect environment for you to chill and enjoy your treatments, which are provided by our experienced technicians – our aim is to make you feel special when you visit our salon. It’s all about having a great experiences in a salon.’

This sounded fantastic to me, so I booked in to go check out Nice Nails baby! The salon is based at Clapham Junction inside Electric Beach – it’s really easy to locate as its right opposite the Clapham Junction Station, so it was just a short train ride from Reading to get to the Salon.
The salon is located downstairs inside Electric Beach, where I met the lovely Michelle who showed me into the nail bar to pick out a polish whilst she finished setting up. It’s super light an airy in the salon and I love the décor – there’s lots of pictures of manicures on the wall which makes it very colourful too.
There are different sections for manicures and pedicures, This is the Nail bar, the way everything is set out is fantastic! I love the way that you can see all the colours of nail polish easily on the wall which makes it much easier to see what colour you might like to try! (I wish I had my polish at home set up like this, I can never find the colour I’m looking for!) I opted for an awesome glittery/metallic pink.
When Michelle was ready she showed me into the pedicure area! This area has a built up bench that you sit on, and is so, so cosy! I could have quite happily taken a nap up here!

Feeling cosy on the bench with lots of soft pillows!
So the first part of the pedicure was the foot soak! This was a bubbly foot spa filled with warm water to soften up the skin and nails.
Next was the fruit foot mask! This smelt really good.
Then my feet were wrapped in film to retain warmth whilst the foot mask did it’s thing, but left my toes free!

Michelle then carefully filed my nails. (I never make a good job of them and get them even, but Michelle did a perfect job!)

Next came the foot scrub before my feet went back into the foot spa for another soak. The foot scrub was kinda tingly as it was mint which was nice! (It smelt great too!) I then put on my flip flops so Michelle could paint my nails witho out me smudging her hard work once she’d finished ! (I thought this was a fantastic idea, so many places don’t do this and I nearly almost wreck it before I get out the door!)
Once they were painted with a base coat, the colour and a top coat,  I sat back in the waiting area with a little fan to let the polish dry – I could use doing this at home!
Perfect toes! And I do love the colour, it’s such a vibrant pink!
The lovely Michelle and myself!

I had an absolutely fantastic morning chatting to Michelle whilst she gave my feet a make over! When I left she gave me a bottle of hand and skin cream with her business card which smells divine! She really makes you feel at home and her talents with nails are amazing! (I’ve been looking at her facebook page over the last few weeks and some of the manicures she has done are spectacular!) I’d really love to go again, and I really think that Nice Nails Baby is totally worth a visit too!
If you’d like more information or to make an appointment you can contact Nice Nails Baby at:-

[email protected]

07940451001 / 02079766696
Inside Electric Beach

33 St. John’s Hill



SW11 1TT

Let me know if you pay a visit to Nice Nails Baby in the comments!

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Mystery Parcel

Hello Lovelies!
Last week a mystery parcel arrived. I have to admit I did think this was the swap I was doing with Scarlett but it turns out it wasn’t! After much, much pondering I discovered that the parcel had been sent by a very lovely friend who had a feeling that I’d been having a hard time recently.

Inside was this cute little Hello Kitty case, on the front was a note saying Open me!

Wow! So much Hello Kitty!
Hello kitty and candy! What more could I need?

I’m so lucky to have such lovely friends! Thank you so much!
Ta-ta for now,