Kawaii Christmas Shopping!

Hello Lovelies!


Yep, that’s right! It’s that time of the year again where everything gets colder, darker and wetter. (Especially if you live in the UK, like me!) Winter isn’t all doom and gloom though, there’s plenty to look forward to through-out the festive season. Personally I love seeing all the Christmas decorations and lights, with it now being dark when I leave work it does brighten up my drive home.

With that said, December is also prime gift buying time for family and friends, so I thought I’d make a fun store list below for shopping ideas for cute or kawaii lover in your life!  Continue reading →

Hyper Japan Christmas Market buys!

Hello Lovelies!


Way back in November last year I attended Hyper Japan on behalf of Cyten! (You can read my report all about the Hyper Japan Event here: http://www.cyten.co.uk/hyper-japan-christmas-market-2015/) But I never got around to showing you what I bought there! I’m happy to report that I did in fact get the three wish list items I had on my to buy list and a whole bunch more of amazing things and thought I’d share a select few of them with you!

jp books rilakkuma

First off is one of my wish list items – a large Rilakkuma bear from JPBooks! I’m so happy to have bought this as I’ve wanted one for a very long time – JPBooks had posted photos of all there Rilakkuma wares on Facebook before Hyper Japan and when I commented they informed me they would indeed be bringing the bears to HJ – I was way too excited to buy this squishy bear!

rilakkuma kiiroitori

Whilst at JP books I spotted that the Kiikitori plushes were on offer for £10, so I bought Rilakkuma a friend to come live with him.

Tofu cute genki gear 2 Tofu Cute Genki Gear

The second and third of my wishlist items came from Tofu Cute and Sushi Noms – this adorable Science of Cuteness t-shirt! I love this shirt and it fits really well too.

poppin candy

The third item was a Poppin’ Cooking set for my friend in America that I promised to try and get for her. I was very please at being able to find quite a few of these at Sushi Nom’s which meant I was able to pick a fun looking one for her.

Tofu cute rilakkuma spoon

I also picked up this cute Rilakkuma dessert spoon – it’s a perfect size for packing in my lunch box and features one of my favourite designs from the cat series.

doki table wear

From Doki I bought some Chinaware – two bowls for Mr Lock and one for myself. These are the perfect size for soups or noodles.

japan centre dango Totoro bun

The Japan Centre was also in attendance with a small range of goods – I bought my favourite Totoro Melon pan bun and also dango! That’s right! I finally found some dango! I have to say I really enjoyed this and am hoping they’ll have it again at the summer Hyper Japan. (As well as my other favourite’s taiyaki and takoyaki).

Becky Bubble Tea

So there you go, these plus the bubble tea in the photo above are my favourite purchases from Hyper Japan’s Christmas market! I’m totally looking forward to the Summer event and will start saving soon! Did any of you lovely people attend the Winter Hyper Japan? Or maybe you’re thinking of attending the Summer event? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Lovelies!
Thank you for reading my little blog for the last year! I wish everyone of you a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!
The site will mostly not be updated over the festive season, but should return to it’s usual scheduling in January – for more updates you can check out the facebook page here twitter here or instagram here!
But now for a super fun and amazing announcement! The site is getting a total make over with new logo, layout and formatting! This will most likely be implemented before January! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and I’m very excited that I can now make it happen!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Crochet Presents!

Hello Lovelies!
I’ve been super busy recently creating some lovely presents for Christmas! I recently taught myself to crochet using a magazine! This is a big thing for me as I’ve tried soooo many times to crochet and failed miserably (not quite as bad as my attempts at knitting though which always end up triangular!)
The great thing about crochet is once you get the hang of it you can make things pretty quickly – it took me a little while to get used to the double crochet stitch – I still haven’t quite got the idea of reading a pattern or other stitches yet but I’m really happy I can do this now!
I started off making a few very boring, single colour scarves to practice the stitch. I then tried making a single colour snood and following the success of that I tried out a purple snood for my beautiful friend in America to go in her present box.
Then I tried making a Sailor Moon inspired snood for myself. My youngest sister like it so much that she asked me to make her a Chibi Moon scarf! By this point I’d more or less got the idea of what I was doing and felt more comfortable winging it!
The last few things I’ve made as gifts I love so much I’d quite like to keep for me! Especially the turquoise and glittery pink snood! The colours are so bright and cheerful.
Can any of you crochet? How about knitting? Do you like to make presents for your friends too? Let me know on the comments below!
Ta-ta for now,