Birchbox August 2017: Mermaid Vibes


Birchbox is a monthly beauty box priced at £12.95 a month (That includes P&P). I’ve always been curious about Birchbox. From photos I’ve seen around the internet it’s always looked like a high quality beauty subscription and seemed to have a good selection of items included. The one thing that put me off, and it’s the same reason I cancelled some of the other subscription boxes I had, was that sometimes (or quite a lot of the time in past cases) you get items you don’t want or won’t use and end up binning or giving them away. I’ve been keeping an eye on Birchbox’s previous boxes and I’ve only spotted a couple of bits I wouldn’t use.

This month however, I got a little bit obsessed over the really colourful mermaid box they were sending! Fortunately for me I came across someone selling their box as they didn’t like the contents and were going to return it, so to save the middle man I bought it from them to try out!

If you’ve not received your box yet and don’t want to spoil it don’t hit the read more button!

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Korean Cosmetics at TK Maxx + Mini Haul!

Hello Lovelies!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you must know by now how much I adored Korean cosmetics! I love everything about them, from their cute designs, magical skin transforming properties, scents and varities. The only thing I don’t like about them is how hard it is to obtain ANYTHING in the United Kingdom, you can’t just pop into the nearest Superdrug or Boots and pick up a Tony Moly facemask. You’re either stuck ordering online or having to travel to somewhere like China Town in London, until now. TK Maxx has started to stock a massive range of Korean beauty products! I can’t tell you how fast I ran to the store nearest me when I discovered this, handily its also available online too. So far I have seen products from Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and Koelf Cosmetic. I’ve also seen a few other non-named brands for sale too. The one thing I would say is that there are a few brands being stocked that have been designed to look like the Korean brands but were actually made in the USA.

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International gift swap! South Korea box swap

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you’re all fine and dandy today! I’m sorry for the lack of updates over the last two weeks – real life had me totally tied up so I’ve not had a chance to write anything for you ^^;  Today I thought I’d share with you something a little special! Many, many, (many!!) years ago I went to school with a lovely girl from South Korea, called Miriam – we’ve kept in touch over the years and recently decided to do a gift swap! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the things I sent (including a crocheted scarf and mittens!) but I did take photos of what I was sent!


Look at all this awesomeness! I’ve been well and truly spoiled! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


As most of you know if you’re a regular reader, I absolutely adore stationary! It’s the one of the things I can never have enough of – see kallo when it’s this cute! Check out the adorable little stampers, those are so sweet and will be great to decorate my planner with. The erasers, pencil and leads have inspired me to start drawing again!


How kawaii are these socks! I am so greatfull for these! I find it really hard to get cute socks in the UK and the animals have such fun faces.

relaxed bear blocks

Next up is a Rilakkuma nano block figure! This was so much fun to make – though I did have to get Mr Lock’s help with the last tiny bit.

rilakkuma built

Here we are, all built! He’s now taken up residence in on my desk at work.

pikachu hand warmer  A Pikachu hand warmer! This is so perfect, my hands are always cold and with this little fellow I can take him out and about and keep my hands toasty.


Letter sets! This was so well timed as I’d been looking at some sets to buy to write to friends but hadn’t found anything I really liked, but I love these!

etude house magic any cushion & gloss

Ah!! I was so excited for these – Miriam sent me a little sneak peak and had bought me some make-up from my absolute favourite brand, Etude House! On the left in the sweet penguin box is a magic any cushion case, on the right a lip stain from the new Berry Delicious collection and one from the Bling Me Prisim. Both lip products are beautiful colours that I love!

etude house lashes + toner

Miriam is so very sweet – she told me she bought these eye lashes as she’s knows I like to cosplay and thought that these would be great for it! I just thought that was so very thoughtful of her. There are also some samples from the ton ing white C series.

etude house hettie sponge puff

Check out this lovely Hettie shower puff! It’s so soft!

etude house clippers blusher & cushion

A Hettie paw nail clipper, cookie blush and the re-fill for the magic any cushion. One of the many reasons I love Etude is there cute designs, you can really see it in these.

etude house berry delicious pouch

A really bright and fun Berry Delicious pouch – great for storing all sorts!

etude house bb cleanser makeup puffs

Some more samples and some heart shade squishy sponges which are fab for applying make up.


These are so sweet I don’t want to use them! I think I’ll keep them on display. I especially like the kitty and the puppy.

candy Lots of candies and gum! These were really tasty, hichew is one of my favourite kinds of candies.

I’ve really been spoilt and feel like a very lucky girl! I really feel like I should have put more in the box I sent as everything in the one I received was so wonderful and very thoughtfully chosen for me.

So thank you Miriam from the bottom of my heart for my lovely gifts! I can’t wait to swap with you again!

Ta-ta for now,


Tony Moly anti-ageing peach hand cream

Hello Lovelies!
It’s that time of the year again, the days are shorter, the wind is up and the temperature has dropped in gloomy England! Winter has definitely arrived, and with all the super fun weather the skin on my hands has started to dry out and become quite sore and painful. Unfortunately for me this is a regular occurrence for me ever winter season. On the upside though it does mean I get to try and bunch of different hand creams as I get through them so often to try and avoid my skin splitting! (Yes this does happen if it gets to dry *sob*).
So one of the creams I decided to get this year is Tony Moly’s anti-ageing peach hand cream – The picture of this online showed a cute little peach shaped pot and promised to leave my hand softer and younger looking – sounds good right? I bought the cream for somewhere around £4-5 online.
Here’s what arrived! How adorable is this? I wasn’t really sure how much the pot would look like the picture but it definitely looks like a peach – my second surprise was how big this tub was – it’s slightly smaller than a tennis ball! I’ll admit I partially bought this on how it looked and thought it would look pretty on my dressing table.
When you split the peach in half you find a half is filled with cream – there’s quite a lot in here and it smells just like peaches, it’s a really lovely scent. The tub did have a little seal to stop it leaking in transit but I forgot to take a photo of this. (It was identical to the blueberry lip balm in one of my previous posts, if you are curious).
The cream itself is a pale peachy/pink colour, quite thick, but spreads very easily. I found my skin absorbed it very quickly – I was pleasantly surprised by this as some heavier creams take quite a while to soak in. My hands were left smelling of peaches too – the scent didn’t really fade until I washed my hands – even then it still lingered, just not quite as strongly.
All absorbed! My skin was left feeling very soft, hydrated and supple. I was very impressed with this and will be buying a second pot to keep on my desk at the office as it works so well. I really like the scent of this too, its rather different to most of the floral scents usually associated with most hand creams.
Have you tried this cream out before? Are there any creams you’d recommend to me to try out? Let me know in the comments below!
Ta-ta for now,

Skin Watchers Beauty Products

Hello Everyone!
Those of you that know me well know I try rather hard to look after my skin – it’s quite rebellious and often has its own ideas about what it’s going to do! I have combination/oily skin which can lead to blocked pores and a just a general icky feeling after a long day – even more so if I’ve been wearing a lot of make-up. I recently came across the company Skin Watchers on a Korean Beauty group on Facebook and took a look at their website – everything looked so good and professional! I was given the opportunity to try out some of the products from the range and I’m so, SO glad I did as I’ve found a new favourite brand!
Here are all the products I tried – Skin Watchers is based in South Korea so the packaging is in both Korean and English which I find brilliant! I can’t read Korean (yet, it’s on my list!) so this is very helpful! Check out the beautiful logo and very stylish packaging for the products. I’m still keeping everything in the boxes as I like them so much – they look great on a shelf together!
This is an Aloe Vera soothing gel – this is one of my favourites! Look at the pretty green packaging, it’s a very big tube that’s easy to dispense the product from, the instructions for use are also on the back of the tube which is handy. You can also put the tube in the fridge for a cooling effect too! I think this would be fantastic on a hot day in the summer.
The gel itself is clear (Fantastic! No added colourings!) It smells very fresh and of aloe. As a gel it’s quite thick but its absorbed very easily and a little goes a very long way – I can use a small pea sized amount for both my face and neck! I felt this gel left my skin feeling very soft, supple and soothed after removing make up after application.
Ceramizing Essence Toner – this toner is great, its very easy to apply and left my skin feeling very hydrated.
The scent of this was very clean and fresh, again it was easily absorbed and didn’t make my skin feel clogged or heavy.
Now this is something I’ve never, ever seen before! It’s an Enzyme Powder Wash – rather than a liquid this comes in a bottle but it’s powdered!
 All you need is a little amount of the powder, add a little bit of water and it foams up to make this very luxurious wash – I was really, really impressed with this as it left my skin still feeling soft but squeaky clean as well. I found it very easy to use and even if you pour out to much powder you can put it back into the bottle which you can’t with a normal liquid. I would definitely purchase this again.
Galactomytes Whitening Esscense – This is a lovely big bottle with a dropper for measure application – I’m not entirely sure on the application on this as the instructions are in Korean – but from the website I worked out that a couple of drops should be applied after cleansing and toning skin. 
The essence contains a lot of vitamins and also brings elasticity to the skin. I found this left my skin looking brighter, healthier and spongy – It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or oily which is fantastic.
This is one of the set of Green Snail Intensive products – I’ve never tried any snail products before, but have friends that swear by them. I really love the cute little jar that this came in.
Inside the box was the jar of cream – it has a little stopper to make sure that the cream doesn’t leak in transport/keep it fresh.
I love this cream and I’d totally buy this again too, it’s very thick, smells lovely and is absorbed so easily! I was really impressed by that as it’s such a thick cream – and a little goes a long, long way. This left my skin feel fabulous!
This is the second in the Green Snail Intensive set – an emulsion.
I love the design for this bottle, it makes dispensing the emulsion very easy. This is to be used after cleansing and a toner/essence.
The scent of this was lovely- it’s not over powering and is somewhere between being a clean scent and a light floral. This was quite thick, but again like the other Skin Watchers products was absorbed very quickly. It left my skin feeling super soft and light.
This was the third in the Green Snail Intensive set – a Toner. This was another of my favourites and I will most likely replace it when it runs out. Again this utilises a useful pump bottle – its really sturdy and feels very expensive! Like the rest of the range this had a very pleasant scent which wasn’t over powering at all.
A close up of the bottle top.
This toner is to be used after cleansing, it’s a clear runny liquid and whole pump covered my whole face, you can see here how smooth and soft my skin looks – I thought it left it looking brighter too!
Check out this Natural Deep Cleansing oil! I’ve always been a little dubious about using oil cleansers on my skin what with it already being oily, but the packaging says you can use a regular cleaner after this for an extra fresh feeling.
Look how pretty this colour is! All you need is a small amount to clean skin.
This is a very runny oil – it smells very fruity and cleans excellently – I didn’t find I needed and extra cleanser afterwards as it didn’t make my skin feel any oiler than normal. I really rather like this one too and will likely buy another.
Skin Watchers Original Facial Oil – this was another that didn’t have english instructions, but I tried it out in the same way I did with the Galactomyces Essence. This bottle too has the helpful little dropper.
This is quite a liquid oil, my skin absorbed it very quickly and left my skin very soft. It has quite a lovely fruity scent.
UV Success Sun Block – SPF50+/PA+++ – I adore this! I’ve been trying to find a suncream to wear under my makeup for a very long time – everything I’ve tried has felt heavy and greasy – I also burn very easily so it was something I really needed! This comes in a handy bag sized tube and recommends using after cleansing before applying makeup. 
This is a very thick cream which had me a little worried incase it was going to be like the others I had tried – I was pleasantly surprised to find it was very easily absorbed, didn’t feel sticky/greasy or heavy and actually made my foundation easier to apply! It had a very nice light scent as well!
Oh my gosh, this whitening water drop is so much fun to use! I’ve never tried anything quite like this before – essentially this cream is for brightening and hydrating your skin by forming water drops to lock in moisture!
This came out as a relatively thick cream but the second I started to rub it in it turned into the picture on the right – You can actually see the little water droplets! 
Like the rest of the Skin Watchers products this was absorbed very quickly and you can see in the picture my skin looks brighter, so soft and moisturised! I’m very impressed with this too!
I really, REALLY love this range and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing some of the above. My favourites have to be the Green Snail Intensive, the Enzyme Powder Wash and the Soothing Aloe Gel. Skin Watchers thrive on knowing that their products are loved and I can see why people love them!
If you’d like to check out Skin Watchers for yourself you can do so here on the link below – they handily offer shipping to most of the world.

Skin Watchers Website

Have you tried out Skin Watchers? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook page!
Ta-ta for now,