Pastel Panda Wonderland

I’ve got some exciting news, there’s a brand new UK based kawaii store called Pastel Panda Wonderland! UK based kawaii stores are always good news! Today I’m bringing you a fun interview with the owner of Pastel Panda Wonderland and a cute little review of some very lovely items she sent.

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Craft how to: Making a tassel

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a craft tutorial so today I’m going to show you how to make a tassel. These can be used for pretty much anything, scarves, bag charms even hair for plushies, and they are pretty easy to make too. To start with you’ll need some wool and a pair of scissors. You might want something to make a note of how many wraps you do as well.

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Convention preparation!

Hello Lovelies!concern
I hope every one is well today! As you might have read over on  I’m heading off to MCM next weekend to bring you all the Kawaii happenings! This is my first time attending MCM (But not my first convention) and thought I’d put together a handy Con preparation guide for anyones first time convention going as there are a few things you should keep in mind!


First off is the all important money, or should I say lack of it! Conventions are one of those places where its super easy to over spend. If you need to stick to a strict budget, you should work out roughly how much money you need, or how much you can spend. For example, tickets for conventions can run from £12-£50+, add to that hotel rooms if you need them and then food and drink and you’re already running into the £100s before you’ve even got to spending money and travel. It’s worth working out a couple months in advance what you need, travel, accommodation, if you’re cosplaying and if you’re on a super strict budget, working out what you want to buy from vendors whilst you’re there. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have any chargers/batteries you need for cameras or phones if you need them as they’ll be expensive to re-buy.


Cosplay is another thing to consider! If you want to cosplay you’ll need to plan plenty in advance to allow you to get your costume together – you’ll also want to check out any rules and regulations for your convention – some don’t allow full face masks, or imitation weapons. If you want to enter cosplay competitions you’ll most likely need to register for these before hand.
hungry Food and drink! There’s nothing worse than been thirsty or hungry at a convention. Whilst there are usually plenty of places for you to get food and drink, be aware these will be at CONVENTION PRICES! Expect to pay anywhere from £1.50-3.00 for a regular sized soda – sandwiches etc usually range from £4.00 upwards. You’ll also be faced with huge queues! If you’re on a budget, I’d really recommend taking your own snacks/lunch and a drink – I’d highly recommend taking a bottle of water with you anyway as convention halls tend to get very, very hot, especially in the summer months.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, travel! Make sure you check out how and when you are getting to your convention and what time you need leave. If you need parking you’ll need to research that too. If you are taking the train remember to check that there are no works on for the day you are travelling. It’s also a good idea to print off train times for when you’ll need to travel and directions to and from the station/parking to the convention and the reverse to get home again! I’d also recommend taking a backpack if you’re carrying costumes/foods/pyjamas etc etc, it’ll leave your hands free for other things (Like buying alpacasso!) And free of aching.

So there you have it! Hopefully this will have been of some help to new convention goers, but if you have any suggestions for me to add, let me know!

Ta, ta for now,


Planner Update with Mimo Pencil Case Shop

Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone is well today! For those of those of you who celebrate it, I hope you had a fantastic Easter and long weekend!

mimo planner

Back in October last year the lovely folks at Mimo Pencil Case Shop sent me a huge parcel of products to review! (You can ready my review here and check out the Mimo Pencil Case Shop here) Back then I said I wanted to make the planner into something I could use for inspiration and motivation too as well as giving making it my own!

mimo inside

Today I’m happy to announce that I’ve done just that! I’ve created something I love and has a lot of fun and colour to it whilst still being practical. Here you can see that I’m making full use of the card slots in the planner – I’ve used some for my business cards, a couple for the garage and one for a Rilakkuma card I had – I’ve also used the bigger slot at the back to store appointment cards and some sticky notes! I’ve even added in the sweet note from the owner of MPCS – It’s just such a cute note! My personal details are on the sheet behind this – I careful removed this from an old Rilakkuma planner I had and it seemed a shame not to use it again!

mimo diary

On the next page I’ve used some stickers to brighten up a blank sheet – and here’s the first of my custom dividers! I’m so proud of these – they’re postcards I’ve collected and cut down to fit – postcards are just the perfect width for these planners! I love this one in particular as the top bird is on a little spring that wobbles about.

mimo little clip

I’ve used one of the kawaii paperclips to hold the first divider for month views to the current month – this was I can keep previous month to refer back on with out having to sort through lots of pages to find the current month – this little heart fits in perfectly.

mimo month view 2 mimo month view

Here’s one of my month views – it’s really fun to draw in little doodles, they also brighten up the pages – I’ve used stickers in places too! I added in some kawaii note papers on each of the month views for any extra little notes.

mimo totoro clip

I made a couple of my own little book marks for the planner too – this one is a cute little Totoro – I had a lot of fun making these and will most likely make more of them.

mimo weeks

Here’s the custom divider for weeks – I thought this one was quite bright and fun.

mimo week view

I’ve used the weeks sections to go into more detail on anything I need too and make extra notes on addresses and things I need to remember for appointments. There’s also another little bookmark of Usagi from Sailor Moon.

mimo addressesmimo todo

A custom dividers for addresses and the to-do lists

mimo kawaii notes mimo kawaii notes 2

I’ve lined up and hole punched some kawaii note papers to use in my planner too – this way I can add in cute extra pages in weeks or months if I need to.

mimo photos

I’ve used a clear zip file here to store photos and pictures I like (Check out Harry looking super grumpy/unimpressed!)

mimo stickers

Finally in the back I keep super useful page markers (I use these in my favourite recipe book!) and some extra daily schedule sheets – these are useful for making notes at work.

So there you go! I am absolutely loving my gorgeous planner and will be using it for a long time to come! I’m still thinking of other ways to customise it and add to the cuteness! Do any of you have any fun tips for things I could add into the planner? Let me know in the comments below!

Ta-ta for now,