Vintage Weight & Pay @ The Hexagon

Hello Lovelies,

You know what, I’m going to get straight into this, if you know me then you know I love a good bargain. I grew up buying things from charity/thrift stores, jumble and carboot sales. A friend and I spotted the Vintage Weigh & Pay being advertised on Facebook and decided to go along – we both love a good second hand sale and this promised to be delivering at least 6 tonnes of vintage goods including berets, dresses, Dr Martens and converse. All of my favourite things. At £15 a kilo this was not a cheap venture and whilst some things were capped such as the Converse and Dr Martens this could get pretty costly pretty quick, but I really wanted some new boots and berets and the photos shown on the FB page looked great, so we figured, hey, why not!

We decided on getting the £3 early entry and turned up at 9:50am to find that there was no sign of the sale anywhere – the Hexagon was locked up and there was no information anywhere (Hey to the queue jumpers who pushed in front of us whilst we were waiting). The doors to the Hexagon opened at 10:00 am and we found there were quite a lot of people waiting downstairs already who had gone in via another entrance. Honestly, it would have been a really, REALLY good idea to have some sort of signage pointing at where the sale was taking place or which entrance we should have been taking.

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Romance Manga Reviews

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have something super fun for you! An interview with my adorable and very long time friend who runs Romance Manga Reviews over on Facebook. I love reading manga (actually I love reading full stop) but romance genres are one of my favourites as theres such a big variety of them.

So let’s have a chat with Romance Manga Reviews!

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Shopping spree!

Hello Lovelies!
With summer fast approaching, and the United Kingdom having a sunny spell, I decided to take a visit to Reading to treat myself to some new spring/summer clothing. Primark currently has a gorgeous range of clothing in (and the usual questionable items!) So I thought I’d take a few photos of the items I brought to share with you!
Style Icon jumper – How cute is this? It’s quite a light sweater so it’s perfect for chilly evenings!
Minions T-shirt: I couldn’t resist this, I do love the Despicable Me films! The only thing I’d say about this is that it’s rather short in the body. I’d probably wear it with high waisted shorts or jeans.
Shorts! These were on offer at £3.90 a piece – they had a wide range of colours and styles available for purchase. I may have to go back to get more as they are pretty comfy and made of a nice denim material!
Lavender socks: Cute and reduced to a £1.00 too!
Pink floral skinny jeans: These are really comfy though a little on the short side for me (I’m 5’8) so I’d probably roll them up a little and wear them as cropped trousers.
Cropped leggings: these have a sweet lace trim, pretty light and comfy for the summer.
So that’s it for now! Have you treated yourself to anything new for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!
Ta-ta for now

Creams Desserts Bar – Reading

Hello Lovelies!

Oh my gosh! I had the chance to go to a Creams desserts bar in Reading! Creams have been open a little while now and my husband and I popped in after a meeting in town. It’d always looked interesting from the outside so we decided to pop in.

As it was late afternoon it wasn’t very busy inside, a lady seated us, handed us a menu and left – it would have been nice if she had explained that we needed to order at the bar, it was only after waiting awhile we noticed there was a number on the table and that we’d need to order at the bar.
There was quite a lot to choose form on the menu – they even do waffles! (We saw someone else with the waffle and it was HUGE!! Definitely don’t expect to stay on a diet if you come here!) We both opted to order sundae’s and I placed the order at the till – it was about £12 for two.

A little while later these appeared! Mr Lock opted for the Oreo ice cream sundae, which looked amazing! It had crushed up Oreos on the ice cream too!

There was even a whole Oreo in there!

I opted for the mango sundae – I love fruit ice creams and mango is my favourite!
Mango sauce and wafers! 

Mango ice cream with pieces of mango in the bottom of the sundae glass. This was really, really good! I’d definitely get it again. I can imagine that this place would get really busy in the summer months but I think it would be worth the wait. (I’d also love to know where they got their sparkly wall paper from!)
Ta-ta for now!