Yume Twins monthly subscription box – January 2017 ***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** 

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I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and happy new year! This year I’ll be bringing you more awesomeness, hopefully on a more regular schedule! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

So let’s kick of 2017 with something kawaii! Yume Twins is a monthly cute themed subscription box all the way from Japan which contains 5 high quality items. I believe they have recently re-done the boxes to contain less things but higher quality items. All the contents of the box are premium character goods and are licensed. For $29.99 (or less depending on which plan you sign up too) a month you will received a mixture from plushies, lifestyle, apparel & accessories, stationeries or knickknacks and toys. The boxes are free shipping worldwide. My youngest sister bought me a Yume Twin’s monthly subscription box as a gift, which arrived last weekend which is crazy fast from Japan considering when they shipped with all the holidays in between!

If you haven’t received your box yet and don’t want spoilers, don’t hit the cut below!

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Hyper Japan Summer Festival ’16 : Part 2 – The Haul!

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Hyper Japan

I hope you’re all well? Today I have my second Hyper Japan post from this years summer festival, covering all the fun and fancy things I had the chance to purchase! So let’s jump on in! Continue reading →

International gift swap! South Korea box swap

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I hope you’re all fine and dandy today! I’m sorry for the lack of updates over the last two weeks – real life had me totally tied up so I’ve not had a chance to write anything for you ^^;  Today I thought I’d share with you something a little special! Many, many, (many!!) years ago I went to school with a lovely girl from South Korea, called Miriam – we’ve kept in touch over the years and recently decided to do a gift swap! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the things I sent (including a crocheted scarf and mittens!) but I did take photos of what I was sent!


Look at all this awesomeness! I’ve been well and truly spoiled! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


As most of you know if you’re a regular reader, I absolutely adore stationary! It’s the one of the things I can never have enough of – see kallo when it’s this cute! Check out the adorable little stampers, those are so sweet and will be great to decorate my planner with. The erasers, pencil and leads have inspired me to start drawing again!


How kawaii are these socks! I am so greatfull for these! I find it really hard to get cute socks in the UK and the animals have such fun faces.

relaxed bear blocks

Next up is a Rilakkuma nano block figure! This was so much fun to make – though I did have to get Mr Lock’s help with the last tiny bit.

rilakkuma built

Here we are, all built! He’s now taken up residence in on my desk at work.

pikachu hand warmer  A Pikachu hand warmer! This is so perfect, my hands are always cold and with this little fellow I can take him out and about and keep my hands toasty.


Letter sets! This was so well timed as I’d been looking at some sets to buy to write to friends but hadn’t found anything I really liked, but I love these!

etude house magic any cushion & gloss

Ah!! I was so excited for these – Miriam sent me a little sneak peak and had bought me some make-up from my absolute favourite brand, Etude House! On the left in the sweet penguin box is a magic any cushion case, on the right a lip stain from the new Berry Delicious collection and one from the Bling Me Prisim. Both lip products are beautiful colours that I love!

etude house lashes + toner

Miriam is so very sweet – she told me she bought these eye lashes as she’s knows I like to cosplay and thought that these would be great for it! I just thought that was so very thoughtful of her. There are also some samples from the ton ing white C series.

etude house hettie sponge puff

Check out this lovely Hettie shower puff! It’s so soft!

etude house clippers blusher & cushion

A Hettie paw nail clipper, cookie blush and the re-fill for the magic any cushion. One of the many reasons I love Etude is there cute designs, you can really see it in these.

etude house berry delicious pouch

A really bright and fun Berry Delicious pouch – great for storing all sorts!

etude house bb cleanser makeup puffs

Some more samples and some heart shade squishy sponges which are fab for applying make up.


These are so sweet I don’t want to use them! I think I’ll keep them on display. I especially like the kitty and the puppy.

candy Lots of candies and gum! These were really tasty, hichew is one of my favourite kinds of candies.

I’ve really been spoilt and feel like a very lucky girl! I really feel like I should have put more in the box I sent as everything in the one I received was so wonderful and very thoughtfully chosen for me.

So thank you Miriam from the bottom of my heart for my lovely gifts! I can’t wait to swap with you again!

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Hyper Japan Christmas Market buys!

Hello Lovelies!


Way back in November last year I attended Hyper Japan on behalf of Cyten! (You can read my report all about the Hyper Japan Event here: http://www.cyten.co.uk/hyper-japan-christmas-market-2015/) But I never got around to showing you what I bought there! I’m happy to report that I did in fact get the three wish list items I had on my to buy list and a whole bunch more of amazing things and thought I’d share a select few of them with you!

jp books rilakkuma

First off is one of my wish list items – a large Rilakkuma bear from JPBooks! I’m so happy to have bought this as I’ve wanted one for a very long time – JPBooks had posted photos of all there Rilakkuma wares on Facebook before Hyper Japan and when I commented they informed me they would indeed be bringing the bears to HJ – I was way too excited to buy this squishy bear!

rilakkuma kiiroitori

Whilst at JP books I spotted that the Kiikitori plushes were on offer for £10, so I bought Rilakkuma a friend to come live with him.

Tofu cute genki gear 2 Tofu Cute Genki Gear

The second and third of my wishlist items came from Tofu Cute and Sushi Noms – this adorable Science of Cuteness t-shirt! I love this shirt and it fits really well too.

poppin candy

The third item was a Poppin’ Cooking set for my friend in America that I promised to try and get for her. I was very please at being able to find quite a few of these at Sushi Nom’s which meant I was able to pick a fun looking one for her.

Tofu cute rilakkuma spoon

I also picked up this cute Rilakkuma dessert spoon – it’s a perfect size for packing in my lunch box and features one of my favourite designs from the cat series.

doki table wear

From Doki I bought some Chinaware – two bowls for Mr Lock and one for myself. These are the perfect size for soups or noodles.

japan centre dango Totoro bun

The Japan Centre was also in attendance with a small range of goods – I bought my favourite Totoro Melon pan bun and also dango! That’s right! I finally found some dango! I have to say I really enjoyed this and am hoping they’ll have it again at the summer Hyper Japan. (As well as my other favourite’s taiyaki and takoyaki).

Becky Bubble Tea

So there you go, these plus the bubble tea in the photo above are my favourite purchases from Hyper Japan’s Christmas market! I’m totally looking forward to the Summer event and will start saving soon! Did any of you lovely people attend the Winter Hyper Japan? Or maybe you’re thinking of attending the Summer event? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Hello Everyone!
Today I’ve a very exciting review for you! If you read my site regularly you may remember that I recently posted a segment on Kawaii stationary and one of the featured stationary sites was MIMO Pencil Case Shop, in case you didn’t, MIMO is a on-line shop that focuses on affordable cute and kawaii stationary. Based in the USA MIMO is run by the lovely Jeanette.
MIMO sent me a huge box, containing a planner set to review! Funnily enough this arrived on my birthday yesterday! The box contained everything you would need to start using a planner and some! I’d originally planned for this to be an un-boxing video – everything was so beautifully wrapped, but Harry had other ideas – he got very confused by me talking to the camera and thought I was asking him to come and play and the video very quickly became a write off! (I will try and re-film this in the next week as I really do think it’d be great to show you the products, especially the planner, up-close.)
One of the first things I found in the box was this adorable little note – I love little touches like this as it makes things seem more personal. I really like the design on this little note-let and have a plan for it already!
The first little package I opened contained these mini highlighters, a role of deco tape and a role of eraser tape! These will be so useful for me! 

I use highlighters a lot when I’m researching for articles and having lots of colours is really handy as it means I can colour code my research. I’ll also be using these a lot to highlight important dates in my planner! Each highlighter has a cute character on and I really like the stripy design as it makes them bright and colourful. The little packet is mega useful as well as it means I can keep them all together and put them in my bag to take out and about. 
Deco tape is something that has always interested me – it’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a tape you can apply to paper that has little decorations on, this one has bunting and butterflies – how cute is that? I’m definitely going to use this a lot as I think it’ll be fun to use to mark important days. 
Corrector tape is always, always useful for me! I’m rather prone to making mistakes on paper, and I do tend to draft out things on paper first so this is super useful as well. It’ll also come in handy if I put a date in my diary (I nearly always use pen) and I need to move it, rather than leaving a huge ugly scribble I can just use this to cover it! I love the design of this to, I find it funny that it looks like a milk shake bottle, it almost looks like milk is pouring out when you use the tape!

Next was a box containing two decorative tapes! I like that the front of the box shows the pattern of the two tapes in detail – this pack contains two kinds of lace style tape.

Look how pretty these are – I think they’d be fab for edging important pages or even for sticking in photos! The colours used are very vibrant which means they’ll show up well on paper.

Eep! Totoro! Oh my gosh, I love, love, love Totoro! He’s right up there with Rilakkuma! This is a little cellphone/bag mascot and he’s so soft and squishy! This has already made it onto my handbag so I can take him with me where ever I go.

Check out these adorable paper clips – these have definitely been made with love. They are so detailed and such pretty colours! I’m going to use them in my planner to mark pages and hold in some loose leave notes.

Here’s where I got to before the video ended – so I was able to get some photos of the lovely wrapping Jeanette does! I mean look how perfect that is! I am horribly useless when it comes to wrapping, and there’s usually tape everywhere if I’ve had some kind of involvement, but this is sealed with a single cute sticker! I am in awe of her wrapping skills!

Inside this package: Animal stickers, Lovely days pages markers, Rilakkuma page markers and post-its and daily schedule post its.

If you know me, you know that I love stickers! These are adorable, puffy little animals with funny faces! No doubt I will use these everywhere possible! Page markers are always useful, I also use them to make little notes when I need to remember something important or when I need to reference something. These ones have such a cute bear and friends design, they remind me a little bit of Pinny-Mu.
My favourite Rilakkuma!¬ I have no doubt I will use these absolutely everywhere! This is one of my favourite designs too! The daily schedule will be very useful for me as I often have a few things I need to remember to do on a day to day basis. I love the giraffes face peeping in from the side of the page.

More of that awesome wrapping! I love that Jeanette has taken the time to match the tape or stickers to the paper!

In this package was a white kitty pen, a bunny ruler and an strawberry milk pen.

How cute are these little faces? The kitty pen is a black gel pen which is very smooth to write with. The bunny ruler has to be one of my most favourite things in the package, it’s a great size and I love his expression! The strawberry milk pen matches the correction tape. This is actually an erasable pen which means it’d be good for draft writing or even outlining drawings!

Oh, ho, ho! It’s my favourite Rilakkuma! Look at his squishy little face, he’s made out of a super soft fabric and really well made. This is a pencil case.

Check out the details on his tummy – he even has little yellow paws.

Inside the pencil case were some colour gel pens! There is a whole set here and probably every colour imaginable – they are very fine tipped so perfect for writing in small spaces or even sketching with. I know I will use these a lot. Bonus: You can see that the pencil case has Rilakkuma’s name embroidered on which is a really lovely touch.

The last thing I unwrapped was this pastel purple macaron planner – this came wrapped in a lovely box, which is a great idea as it’d protect it during shipping.

Look how beautiful this planner is! I’ve always, always wanted a pretty coloured planner, so much so that I have in fact ruined my boring black filofaax with spray paint in effort to kawaii-afy it! I adore this colour, it’s just pefect. The material used is a high quality textured PU leather. It has a hand button snap at the front to keep it closed.

Inside the planner is a six ring binder. On the inside of the front cover there is plenty of room to put business cards, a bigger slot for notes or papers you may need and a loop for a pen.

The diary insiders are a perfect size for writing in. I’ve also found the filiofax ones way to squished in to get all the information I need in. I also like that these don’t have printed dates – that way you can put your own in any format you like, and also if you bought this part way through the year you wouldn’t loose out on use if the previous months were no good.

The back of the planner has another slot for loose papers and another pen holder! This is really handy as I like to keep a pen and pencil in my planner. I also tend to keep any useful bits of paper, such as directs or leaflets in my planner too so there is plenty of room for that.

Some dividers and extra inserts were also included with the planner. I’m going to decorate the dividers with some of the stickers and tapes that MIMO sent in the package.
This is the front page of the diary inserts and it’s given me an idea for this planner! As well as using it as a normal day-to-day planner, I’m going to turn this into an inspirational and motivational planner too! I’ll be doing an update on the planner in a post very soon so you can see what I have used it for and get an idea of how you can use it too!
I want to say thank you to Jeanette at MIMO pencil case shop for this beautiful set, I really do love everything she sent and it’s been packaged with such care and attention. I can honestly say that I would purchase from MIMO and know that my order would be taken care of perfectly.Customer service is spot on and Jeanette is a lovely person to talk too and she is only to happy to help with any queries you may have.
Please go check out MIMO pencil cases shop, if you’ve seen something you like in my review you can be sure you’ll find it on the store, but give me a shout if you need help finding it!

You can also find MIMO on the facebook below:


Ta-ta for now,