Adventures with Joyful Journey’s Coast

Hey-ho Lovelies!

Something a bit different today! Mr Lock, Harry and I have just returned from a week of adventuring around Cornwall with our new friend, Coast!

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My favourite things about summer!

Hello Lovelies!

I’m guessing that most of you are having ridiculous hot weather right now? Here in the UK it’s been humid, hot and thunderstormy for the last few weeks. Normally English summer consist of grey skies and rain, with the very rare sunny spell that usually lasts a week, but it seems this year we’ve been lucky!

With all the good weather this got me thinking about what my favourite things about summer are:

Summer shoes, specifcally, Jelly Shoes. With out a doubt I love these – I used to have a pair when I was younger and re-invested in some for our holiday! These are really comfy for all day wear too! I love the way the sparkle in the sun shine.

Summer clothing – Yay for pretty dresses and not needing 10 jumpers!

Summer foods – BBQs, ice cream and icey sodas! Bring on the fun!

Being able to go outside with out getting soaked! Going for walks with Harry in the woods near our home, with out getting covered in mud and take the motobike to work instead of the car.
 Harry’s also just learnt he can swim and he loves this too! It’s pretty cute to watch him sploshing about.
And lastly, because its warmer Harry’s been napping a lot and he just looks so adorable!
What are your favourite things about summer? I’d love to know – leave a comment below!

The Briars – Paignton ~ Guest accomodation

Hello lovelies!

Today I’d like to tell you about the hotel we had the pleasure of staying at during our almost not holiday to Paignton.

Our holiday almost didn’t go ahead as on Sunday when I called the original hotel (The Weary Ploughman of Goodrington sands) we had booked into over two weeks before, they had no recollection of us every booking, despite me having a booking reference. The manager told us that they had a problem with their caterbook system and they’d had other guests turn up with no booking in place and no rooms available. They also told me that they didn’t have any rooms available, except for 1 night and then we’d have to move to another hotel along the road, which seemed rather pointless and awkward and we declined this option. I won’t ever try too book at this hotel again as they didn’t even try to warn their guests that they’d had a problem with the booking system, there was no message on their website, no nothing, and I’d suggest that if you do book with them, or anywhere else you call to confirm your booking! So with less than twelve hours to sort something we frantically began looking for somewhere to stay else we’d have to cancel our holiday altogether, and it wasn’t looking good as nearly everywhere was fully booked until we came across The Briars.

We had a read up on all the excellent reviews on trip advisor, looked at the photos in the gallery on the website and booked a sea front view through Expedia, and I’m so glad we did, we totally lucked out! In my honest opinion loosing our original booking couldn’t have worked out better. 
The Briars is run by the lovely Malcom and Mandy. Malcom appeared on arrival just as we parked the car and helped us with our bags (poor Malcom, he ended up with my giant bag!) We were shown to the cosy lounge, with huge comfy sofas, filled out the paper work and told that the lounge was for free use, there was a bar in the next room and that the  dining room was downstairs.

We were then shown to our room – this was the view!!! It was absolutely stunning. Mandy showed us the tea and coffee making facilitates (with tasty biscuits!), the hotel help book and explained that breakfast was between 8:00am and 9:00am. I also noticed the towel bale on the bed tied up with a ribbon that matched the colour scheme of the room which I thought was a lovely touch. The bed was super comfortable and it was lovely to be able to look out on the sea front every morning.

This was our room

They also thoughtfully provided two bottles of water that we could re-fill during our stay from the water machine in the dining room and that they provided fresh fruit through out the day there too.

The dining room

The dining room was so bright and warm. I wish I’d taken a photo of the breakfasts Mandy made, I’ve never eaten so well! There was also table in the dining room with fresh fruit, yoghurt, cereals, jams and juice that you could help yourself too. Malcom then took any orders for toast and cooked breakfasts which were always perfect!

The location of the hotel was ideal, although we hadn’t originally planned on staying in the town, we were very glad we did and because of the location we didn’t touch the car for the entire time we were there as everything was with-in walking distance – It’s literally across the road from the sea! (Also it’s in prime view for the bike meet that happens on a Wednesday evening – more on that later!)

I really can’t recommend the Briar’s enough and I’d love to go again. Malcom and Mandy are some of the loveliest people I’ve met and I’d like to thank them for our stay!

I’d highly suggest you check out their website and give them a try for yourselves!