Vintage Weight & Pay @ The Hexagon

Hello Lovelies,

You know what, I’m going to get straight into this, if you know me then you know I love a good bargain. I grew up buying things from charity/thrift stores, jumble and carboot sales. A friend and I spotted the Vintage Weigh & Pay being advertised on Facebook and decided to go along – we both love a good second hand sale and this promised to be delivering at least 6 tonnes of vintage goods including berets, dresses, Dr Martens and converse. All of my favourite things. At £15 a kilo this was not a cheap venture and whilst some things were capped such as the Converse and Dr Martens this could get pretty costly pretty quick, but I really wanted some new boots and berets and the photos shown on the FB page looked great, so we figured, hey, why not!

We decided on getting the £3 early entry and turned up at 9:50am to find that there was no sign of the sale anywhere – the Hexagon was locked up and there was no information anywhere (Hey to the queue jumpers who pushed in front of us whilst we were waiting). The doors to the Hexagon opened at 10:00 am and we found there were quite a lot of people waiting downstairs already who had gone in via another entrance. Honestly, it would have been a really, REALLY good idea to have some sort of signage pointing at where the sale was taking place or which entrance we should have been taking.

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50 Shades of khaki – Or how I ruined my hair!

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s story is a very long tale of woe, self-inflicted woe at that. I have spent many, many years doing various things to my hair including, but not limited to dreadlocks, weave-in extensions, micro-ring extensions, dying it half the colours under the sun and have never had a problem. I am careful, I research lots and I try and take good care of my hair. My most recent adventure was purple. I loved my purple hair but there was an issue. My hair grows at a ridiculous rate. It’s also very naturally very dark brown so I’d always have dark roots showing with-in a week of bleaching and dying. Because of these factors I was only getting a week or two max of my hair looking fab and bleaching it every other week just wasn’t an option because I like having hair and there was no doubt that it would be ending up in a pile on the floor if I did, even with the add-ins I’d used. There was also a cost factor, even though my hair was just below my shoulders I needed 3 tubs of dye each time. So with much reluctance I decided I should go back to my natural colour, or as close to it as I could to give my hair a well deserved break. Or, at least that was the plan. Continue reading →

New Year, Where’s the new site?!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

It might seem awhile ago now we are in the second week of January but I do hope you all had a lovely winter break. I spent mine with my lovely family and generally taking a break from everything!

If you read my Facebook page then you’ll know that the beautiful new logo by Chiichanny is up but the new site layout isn’t – in fact is went so horribly wrong that the old layout is gone as well and page is now being displayed in a rather boring, plain, default white blogger theme! Several things went wrong – the layout I had chosen and spent quite a while working on wouldn’t allow me to use the logo or add a banner of any sort, and instead wanted to use a rather ugly text description. Those of you that use blogger know that the template layout allows you to add in boxes for widgets/headers/content etc, for what ever reason, that I still can’t work out, it just wouldn’t work. After realising and spending quite a few hours trying to make it work, that it just wasn’t going to happen I did try and revert to the old template, and this is where the fun began – the back up I made before fiddling with anything doesn’t work. There’s absolutely no reason for it not too as it will open fine, it just won’t upload. If you can imagine me, sat in front of my laptop, with an error message, a site that looks like utter crap with various multiple colours everywhere and a broken template, you can probably imagine my face, in fact, here’s a pretty accurate representation:

So, with the above in mind, the only thing I could do was switch it back to a default template, which is what I did. I still don’t know why it didn’t work or why the back up is corrupt and why blogger is so dang restrictive! I’ve come to the conclusion now that it may be time to switch to self hosted and move away from blogger entirely. This is looking like it will be going a head in the. Next few weeks – it’ll take me a little while to sort as I need to figure out how to use something like WordPress to build the site and sort the hosting.So in the meantime I’ll keep the site the way it is and work to something better! I’ll still hopefully be updating regularly and I have some great plans for tutorials and posts this year that I’ll hope you’ll enjoy!

Ta-ta for now